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Stories are at the heart of what makes us human. They are the way we learn to empathise with each other and the world around us. They’re how we identify with an idea or a shared value. They are a powerful way for us to feel an affinity with a brand.

Digital Storytelling

Videography is the art of weaving fragments of an idea into an audio-visual tour-de-force.  When it’s done right, it tells a compelling story and connects with its audience in a way that other mediums cannot. At a gut level – an emotional level. 

Beyond Advertising

Video is highly effective at advertising and driving immediate results.

But there’s also value in more subtle brand marketing with video storytelling. When it’s authentic, your audience will know.

For non-profits, it’s the first-hand stories of their beneficiaries and staff on the ground.

For commercial brands, it’s the real first-hand stories of your clients and customers that demonstrate how you helped to solve a problem for them that improved their lives. It’s the stories of your staff and why they choose to work for your business. Human stories are the entry-point to your brand that everyone understands, without the sales pitches and business-talk.

Indefinite Despair


MSF provided mental healthcare on the Pacific island of Nauru for 11 months, before being forced to leave by the Nauruan government in October 2018. 

The release of the report coincided with two major MSF press conferences, one at their headquarters in Sydney and the other at Parliament House in Canberra. As well as live streaming both conferences I also assisted in creating video content for the charity’s continued use in raising awareness. 

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

This work was captured during a video-journalism assignment in Bangladesh. Dr Stewart Condon, President of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Australia, was visiting the refugee camps and MSF hospitals and clinics to see for himself the needs of the populations and the challenges that MSF teams were facing in meeting those needs.

Tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea

This work was captured on assignment in Papua New Guinea. MSF was trialling the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) for transporting samples of sputum from remote villages, across jungles and rivers, to a laboratory for analysis.

Tuberculosis in Cambodia

This work capture on assignment in Cambodia us a visual podcast complemented by photographs from my photo-journalism assignment in Cambodia in 2011. It centres on a Tuberculosis (TB) patient that I met in the MSF TB clinic in Kampong Cham, who sadly died a few weeks after our interview. It was a potentially preventable death, highlighting the importance of early accurate diagnosis and treatment for multi-drug-resistant TB patients.