Websites have never been more important for Australian non-profit organisations.

Sean explains the strategic thinking behind the Friends Of The Village website design and development project.

Human-centred Design

Whether you are focused on meeting the needs and expectations of your end-users or internal stakeholders, human-centred design principles should guide your strategic thinking to ensure the business needs, technical constraints, and human aspects are balanced for optimal outcomes.

User Experience Optimisation (UX)

Often overlooked, User Experience is a critical part of any website development project as should be considered an ongoing optimisation process throughout the life of any website.

Google Optimise
Running A/B tests on user interface and design components to optimise conversion rates. 

Record user activity to identify usability problems in real-life, as well as analyse heatmaps and read realtime feedback from visitors.

Create surveys and user tests where visitors are asked to complete pre-defined tasks. Loop11 analyses how easy or difficult a task is to complete, how many clicks it took, and how lost the users are getting.

Heatmaps for analysing user clicks, mouse movements, and scrolling using HotJar
Usability tests for measuring ease of task completion using Loop11.
SEO is more valuable than social media

Analysis & Reporting

Sean has expert knowledge across Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, and can help you to understand where your most valuable traffic is coming from and how you can leverage those results to improve.

Sean Brokenshire is a freelance digital marketing consultant and multimedia producer based in Wollongong and Sydney, working remotely with clients Australia-wide.

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